Crypto in the Spotlight: easyMarkets Q1 2024

Leading financial service provider, easyMarkets, has reported an increase in client trading volume across a range of financial instruments during the first quarter of 2024. Q1 2024 saw a surge in trading volumes for easyMarkets, particularly in cryptocurrencies and major market indices. Notably, NASDAQ recorded a 63.20% increase compared to the same time last year, hitting record-high prices that mirror the technological sector’s ongoing growth and investor confidence.

Similarly, in the cryptocurrency space, Ethereum (ETH/USD) and Bitcoin (BTC/USD) surged by 104.34% and 375.87%, respectively compared to Q1 last year, underscoring the burgeoning investor interest in cryptocurrencies amidst favorable market conditions.

Forex Surges, Commodities Peak Amid Sectoral Downturns

“Forex trading also demonstrated notable fluctuations, with trading volume on the GBP/JPY pair increasing by 114.52% compared to Q1 2023”, as noted by the Head of Risk Management, Thomas Tsaloupis. “Which wasprimarily due to the Yen reaching significant lows, reflecting intricate shifts in geopolitical and economic landscapes.” he added. The quarter was also punctuated by varied asset performances. While commodities like Cocoa and Gold reached all-time highs, reflecting strong bullish sentiments, other sectors like the electric vehicle market and natural gas industry faced downturns, indicating the challenges within specific industries.

About easyMarkets

easyMarkets, founded in 2001, is an award-winning global broker. One of the first to offer an online experience with innovative risk management tools, including free guaranteed stop loss, easyTrade, Freeze Rate, and dealCancellation, easyMarkets provides its sizeable clientele with a streamlined, accessible, and flexible trading experience. Offering over 275 tradeable instruments, tight fixed spreads, and 24/5 dedicated support to traders around the world, easyMarkets continues to revolutionize the trading sector by providing unparalleled security and safeguards for client funds and consistently prioritizing client commitment and satisfaction.

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