Kinesis Mint Becomes the Official Partner for the House of Mandela

Mint, the certified independent precious metals mint and refinery of Kinesis,
the monetary system backed by 1:1 allocated gold and silver, has been appointed
the exclusive coin producer for the House of Mandela.

Kinesis Mint will independently manufacture the official House of Mandela
collector coins in fine gold and silver.

with the House of Mandela Coin, the Kinesis Mint has been entrusted with the
exclusive rights to design and fabricate the House of Mandela commemorative
coins. The team conceptualised the House of Mandela Coin to reflect the
immortalised legacy and global impact of former South African president and
activist, Nelson Mandela.

The coin
features the totem symbol of the bee, with its wings resembling the many
branches and strong values of the Mandela family tree. The symbol also holds
additional significance as the literal translation of Nelson Mandela’s name,

House of Mandela, represented by Nelson Mandela’s daughter, Dr Pumla Makaziwe
Mandela, and granddaughter, Tukwini Mandela, will oversee and support the
marketing efforts locally and internationally.

Coughlin, CEO of
Kinesis Money comments:

“We are
proud to enter into a long-term partnership with the House of Mandela. The
House of Mandela Coin pays homage to the enduring legacy of Nelson Mandela, one
that speaks of courage and dedication to the community. The meaning at the very
heart of the Mandela House: “One who is brave enough to challenge the status
quo” is as relevant now as it was at the time of his historic achievements.”

Dr Pumla
Makaziwe Mandela, CEO and founder of the House of Mandela comments:

“We are
proud to be partnered with the Kinesis Mint, commencing with the launch of the
House of Mandela Coin. The artistry of the coin represents the underlying
values of my family’s legacy and heritage imbued in the strength and
determination of my father, Nelson Mandela.”

Based in
Istanbul, Turkey, the 5,600 square-metre Kinesis Mint facility manufactures the
official Kinesis Bullion collection, with a minimum fineness of 9999, gold, and
999, silver.

commemorative coins will be available to purchase from the House of Mandela
physical and online store, the Kinesis Bullion store and retail bullion
partners of Kinesis in the near future.

House of Mandela

Mandela name is one of heritage, strong values and royalty. Our history,
culture and family values are closely linked with the life and times of Africa,
her people, resilience, compassion and courage. The Mandelas are the
descendants of a royal bloodline that dates back to the 18th century when
Thembu Land was part of the Royal Kingdom of the Eastern Cape. Our history is
steeped in tradition, family values and a strong sense of community. We are
proud of our heritage and believe that only when we understand and appreciate
where we come from is it possible to achieve a state of enlightenment and
progress on our journey of life.

House of Mandela is an inspirational, African luxury lifestyle brand that
epitomises the exoticism, beauty, resilience and passion of Africa to all
sectors of the global community. The House of Mandela brand is owned by the
Mandela Family with the objective of creating Africa’s most powerful lifestyle
brand through which positive consumer experiences will be intrinsically linked
so that when the consumers see and experience HoM, they have confidence in a
vast array of House of Mandela branded products, whether they are wine, beauty
or fashion related. Through House of Mandela, we are creating a unique and
distinct offering of what “Made in Africa” means.

Kinesis Money

( is an end-to-end monetary system based 1:1 on physical
gold and silver. Founded in 2017, Kinesis formed a strategic partnership with
Allocated Bullion Exchange with institutional metals exchange trading globally
for over a decade. With $10B traded since 2021, Kinesis has driven rapid
expansion on a global scale, amassing a client base across 150+ countries.
Through robust vaulting infrastructure and innovative financial technology,
Kinesis reintroduces gold and silver as money. The platform enables citizens
worldwide to protect their wealth outside of the volatility of the traditional
banking system.

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