Major European indices close lower. US stocks lower. Yields are higher.

European indices are closing lower on the day:

German DAX, -0.91%France CAC, -0.93%UK FTSE 100, +0.48%Spain’s Ibex, -0.40%Italy’s FTSE MIB, -0.97%

European yields are also higher:

German 10 year yield reached a high of 2.647%. That was the highest level going back to November 27. Current yield 2.67%France’s 10-year yield also moved to its highest level since the end of November. It currently yields 3.127% after reaching a high of 3.149%.UK 10-year yields reach its highest level since November 3. It’s high-yield today reached 4.396% (currently at 4.37%).Italy 10-year reaches its highest level since December 12, 2023. The high-yield Ridge 4.035%. It is currently trading just below 4% at 3.998%.

As London/European traders look to exit for the day, US stocks remain under pressure:

Dow Industrial Average down -588.0 points or -1.53% at 37872S&P index -60.18 points or -1.19% at 5011NASDAQ and that -256.24 points or -1.63% at 15456.34.

The small-cap Russell 2000 index is down -28.54 points or -1.43% at 1966.85.

US yields are moving higher. The 2-year yield extended back about the 5% level but is just below that level at 4.991% currently. The U.S. Treasury will auction 7-year notes at 1 PM ET

2-year yield 4.991%, +5.4 basis points5-year yield 4.715%, +5.6 basis points10 year yield 4.701%, +4.8 basis points30-year yield 4.816%, +3.3 basis points.

This article was written by Greg Michalowski at