US Treas Secretary Yellen: GDP data shows straight a consumer investment spending

US Treasury Secretary Yellen in a interview with Reuters says:

GDP data shows straight in consumer investment spending.US economy shows robust growth, firing on all cylindersThere could be revisions to GDP data.I still see in underlying core drivers of economic activity considerable strength.We are on downward path for inflation.Rents have stabilized, but a lot of people still experiencing the upward adjustment to higher levels.I have no doubt that housing’s contribution to inflation will be coming down this year.Not seen that wage pressures are a source of inflationCertainly don’t see the economy as overheated.We’ve got a good strong US economy, lifting growth all around the world.Fed wants to see additional evidence of a sustainable decline in inflation.Methods are concerned with high cost-of-living.Biden’s top priority is to address high cost of healthcare, bring down drug prices

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