BoA on the FOMC meeting – more clarity on inflation is needed, in “want and see” mode

ICYMI from Bank of America on what they expect from the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) and Powell afterwards at his press conference:

BoA argue that the main thrust from the FOMC will be a 3 parter:

“policy needs more time, the next move is most likely a rate cut, and the committee is in a wait-and-see mode until the Fed has more clarity on inflation,”

As for policy moves:

expect quantitative tightening to be slowed by reducing the monthly cap of Treasurys redemption to $30 billion from $60 billion

And, from Federal Reserve Chair Powell:

We suspect Powell is comfortable with the substantial pricing out” of interest-rate cuts this year and “will also likely find it hard to ‘out hawk’ the market.”


The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)’s policy decision will be released on Wednesday May 1 at 2 pm US EDT (1800 GMT) with Fed Chair Jerome Powell following up with his press conference at 2:30 pm (1830 GMT).

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