Tune in Monday for the Bank of Japan Summary of its June meeting

The Bank of Japan meeting in June produced the commitment to trim back JGB buying from the following, July, meeting:

Will decide on specific bond buying reduction plan for the next 1-2 years at next policy meeting.BOJ governor Ueda says will begin tapering bond purchases immediately after July meeting

On Monday we’ll get more detail from that meeting with the release of the ‘Summary of Opinions’ . The Summary serves as a record of the discussion and views of the Policy Board members on various economic and financial issues.

Key points about the Summary:

The summary includes the views of the Policy Board members on economic conditions, both domestically and globally. This includes assessments of economic growth, inflation, and employment trends, among other indicators.The summary also outlines the Policy Board members’ views on the effectiveness of the BOJ’s current monetary policy measures, including interest rate policy, asset purchases, and yield curve control. Members may discuss the pros and cons of these policies and their potential impact on the economy.The summary includes discussions on the outlook for monetary policy and the potential risks to the economy. Board members may express their views on the appropriate timing and direction of future policy changes, as well as the potential impact of external factors such as global economic conditions.The summary also includes any dissenting views among the Policy Board members. If a member disagrees with the majority view on a particular issue, they may express their own opinion and rationale.

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