US March PCE core inflation 2.8% YoY versus 2.7% expected

Prior 2.8% (unrevised to 2.8%)PCE Core YoY 2.8% vs 2.7% estimatePCE Core MoM 0.3% vs 0.3% estimate. Prior MoM +0.3% unrevised to 0.3%Headline PCE 2.7% vs 2.6% estimateHeadline MoM PCE 0.3% vs 0.3% expectedFor the full report CLICK HERE

Consumer spending and consumer income for March:

Personal income 0.5% vs 0.5% estimate. Prior month 0.3%.Personal consumption 0.8% vs 0.6% estimate. Prior month 0.8%Real personal spending 0.5% vs 0.5% last month (revised from 0.4%).

The core PCE rise was 0.32% out to 2 decimal places. So on the topside of 0.3%. This is better than was feared. Yesterday, the whispers were for a 0.4% and perhaps closer to 0.5%.

It looks like the higher PCE from yesterday”s GDP PCE was in January. January can be wonky due to end of year/beginning of year volatility. Having said that, the progress on inflation is stalled (see chart above). The Fed target is still down at 2.0% with some thinking if they got to 2.5% it would give them some ammunition to take out some of the restrictive monetary conditions.

The rate cut expectations is only marginally higher in September vs the 58% chance prior to the report.

US stocks moved higher initially (NASDAQ is up around 180 points), but have come off a bit. US yields are a few basis points lower:

2-year yield 4.974%, -2.5 basis points5-year yield 4.681%, -3.5 basis points10 year yield 4.658%, -4.7 basis points30-year yield 4.768%, -5.2 basis points

That compares to start of the US session levels:

2-year yield 4.999%5-year yield 4.708%10-year yield 4.685%30-year yield 4.791%

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